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ITSolutions|Currie performs structured cabling, data cabling, and network wiring services for companies in the greater Los Banos, CA area. Our structured cabling team has helped a variety of companies install new wiring setups and upgrade existing cabling infrastructures. Contact us today to learn more about our network wiring services!


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A poorly built network wiring/data cabling setup introduces numerous opportunity challenges for your business- now and in the future. Disorganized and messy cables create an uphill battle for troubleshooting and repairing IT issues, decrease speeds and connectivity rates, and present tripping hazards when thrown about the office or server room.

ITSolutions|Currie employs a structured and regimented system of cabling installation, from planning to execution we design a structured cabling installation that is simple, effective and easy to understand. This helps your business harness technology, easily implement new technologies, and reduce troubleshooting time.

Set up documentation

Documentation is simply ensuring your organization has a legible map of your wires and cables that internal employees and IT technicians can read and utilize when performing work or troubleshooting. Companies without proper cabling documents and legends can easily disconnect or unplug the wrong device and cut off the entire network versus disconnecting one workstation.

Visually examine the premises

When we partner with a new business for cabling design or upgrades, we’ll always consider any physical barriers to connectivity that can cause dead spots and speed decreases. Our network wiring experts will look at your premises, blueprints, and/or CAD files to determine areas that may need supplemental devices or attention to detail.

Properly measure

A messy cabling infrastructure and server closet can be largely due to improperly measure wires; when wire runs are substantially longer than needed tangled wires and hassles are created. With a plan in place for your cabling runs, you’ll save money on cable and recieve a cleaner, more organized final result.

Color code the cabling

A color-coded system for your data cabling and network wiring helps with overall presentation, network upgrades, and troubleshooting tasks. In addition to having the wiring itself color coded, the cabling documentation is also color coded, making it easier to interpret the information on your cabling documents against your actual cabling infrastructure.

Trust your data cabling needs to ITSolutions|Currie

We can help your company with an initial data cabling installation or redeisgn and updgrade your existing wiring setup. A server room, wiring closest, and cabling infrastucture that is neat and organized makes servicing and troubleshooting your IT a breeze for your internal team and/or IT partners.

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