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ITSolutions|Currie provides PCI compliance support and PCI compliance consulting services to companies in the greater Manteca, CA area. Partner with our expert PCI compliance consultants to ensure your business meets and maintains all necessary requirements mandated by PCI DSS regulations- reach out to our team today to learn more!


The goals of PCI compliance (PCI DSS)

Any business that proccesses credit and debit card payments likely has heard about PCI compliance. For many, it is like any other industry or governmental regulatory scheme: a burden.

Companies see it as a checklist item that must be addressed just enough to ensure there will be no consequences that could affect their ability to collect card payments in the future. What are the goals of the PCI compliance? Should businesses pay more attention to the finer details?

PCI DSS is short for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It applies to businesses that handle card payments, regardless of size. In the simplest terms, if you process card payments, the card data must be hosted securely. If a business fails to comply, fines can be imposed or the company can be restricted from processing certain payments.

While maintaining compliance is essential for businesses, there are reasons beyond merely checking a box off a list of requirements. The goals of PCI compliance relate to security and the safe and continued electronic processing of financial information.

Partner with ITSolutions|Currie to achieve PCI compliance

Technology is ever-evolving, but it can be a double-edged sword; innovations in data security are often matched or bested by cybercriminals conjuring new ways to gain access to data. PCI compliance standards are often revisited, including a recent revision that identified a need to address changes in application security. That requires regular monitoring of threats, and policies and procedures to counter them. Continuous testing is also is in the new provisions. Our PCI compliance support program can help organizations that need to be compliant ensure that their organization stays up to date with compliance, including any new changes to regulations.

Data security, encouraging information-security policies and adaptability are critical goals for card issuers, businesses and consumers. Are you in compliance? For more information on how to meet your PCI compliance obligation and ensure maximum protection, contact our PCI compliance consultants at ITSOlutions|Currie today!

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