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Merced, CA

We provide managed data backups and disaster recovery solutions for companies in the Merced, CA area. ITSolutions|Currie has helped SMBs and enterprises implement successful data backup services to ensure their company data and digital assets are secure and accessible in the event of a cyber catastrophe or outage. Contact our disaster recovery solutions professionals to learn more about how these services can benefit your business!


Implement Managed Data Backup Services Before A Crash Occurs

Many of the biggest threats to the daily operations of businesses are not building or power outages, but IT downtime, data loss, and security vulnerabilities. These can happen via targetted attacks,  natural catastrophes, or software/hardware malfunctions but any threat can disrupt workflows and the normal operations of an entire company.

We strongly recommend businesses protect against such events by setting up managed data backups and disaster recovery solutions.

Disaster recovery solutions provide monitoring & support that continuously analyzes your technology infrastructure and automatically notifies users of events that require further attention. This feature also results in more successful data backup services and data recovery in the event of a disaster.

Proven experience creating disaster recovery solutions that work

Our team will help you create and monitor a list of action items to include in your disaster recovery solution and managed data backups to ensure your organization can bounce back from an unfortunate event. 

For many businesses without a disaster recovery solution in place, an attack or data loss episode can mean the end of business. Organizations are left trying to pick up the pieces and recover data, files, and records with minimal success and maximum financial expenditure.

Don’t put your business in this situation- proactively secure your organization with a comprehensive disaster recovery solution!

Set up a consultation about a disaster recovery solution for your business!

Reach out to our team today to get started with managed data backups. Check out our FAQ page for further information about ITSolutions|Currie.

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