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Patterson, CA

We provide network security consulting and network security auditing for companies in the greater Patterson, CA area. Partner with ITSolutions|Currie for a network security assessment to understand and identify your technology environment. Contact us today to learn more!

What we do with network security auditing & assessments

Addressing serious threats to network security requires comprehensive defenses and recovery options. Proactive network security comes from  constant assessment and evaluation necessary to protect company assets.

The optimal framework defends your network against common threats and obscure threats without overburdening staff- internal errors area  leading cause of security breaches. Educating your staff to use data that requires special handling by regulation and ensures access is tailored for compliance. Network security consulting and auditing services can be tailored to fit an organizational history and a vast spectrum of industries.

Defining the threats

Common threats to network security are not limited to malware, like worms, spyware and ransomware, typically handled with anti-virus and malware software. Employees that fail to change or implement sophisticated passwords regularly pose serious threats from phishing attacks and scams.

Network monitoring

Network security software and hardware must detect, identify new users and devices, determine allowable access, automatically secure and configure any software updates, including security patches necessary to maintain network security.

Educating your employees

Educating employees to spot phishing schemes and making them aware of complicated but subtle methods to infiltrate the network is vital. Communicating the threat awareness and costs related to failures in network security builds employee support and commitment to increasing password complexity, two-factor authentication and other important password policies.

Auditing services

Our team provides auditing services with intelligent network security that assesses network behavior, protects company assests, and achieves regulatory compliance – without compromising productivity or employee satisfaction.

Experience the benefits of network security consulting and auditing

Network security auditing can help your business prepare for and stay afloat in the event a disaster strikes your technology. The information, data, and assets stored on your network are vital to the daily operations, growth, and maintenance of your business. Implementing a proper network security audit doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive; planning ahead now can greatly prevent frustration and financial losses later on.

Reach out to our network security professionals today to begin the process of evaluating and updating your network security infrastructure. We can discuss the needs and goals of your business and identify a strategy that meets your budget, timleline, and objective goals!

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