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We are an authorized VMware partner / VMware consultant / VMware dealer / VMware reseller serving companies in the greater Stockton, CA area. Our expert VMware consultants are well versed with strategic VMware solutions for a competitive advantage. ITSolutions|Currie is your local VMware dealer, contact us to learn more today!


VMware virtualization capabilities

VMware provides superior virtualization technology software solutions for companies and enterprises across most popular operating systems used today. With VMware, your business can turn one physical server into many virtualized machines to use simlutaneously for different tasks. This virtualized environment that VMware software creates allows your one server to function as many, saving your business hardware costs, energy costs, management costs, and physical space.

For your internal team, managed a virtualized environment is far easier to maintain and troubleshoot after initial training and configurations have taken place. VMware solutions are a cost-efficient means of expanding your network computing power and maxiumizing your return on technology investments.

The VMware suite has expanded over the years and now includes a cloud computing portfolio in addition to virutalization services.

ITSolutions|Currie is your local VMware consultant

ITSolutions|Currie can work with your organization to deploy VMware in your network, customize the solution to your needs, and train your IT staff on how to monitor and manage VMware. We are a long standing VMware partner and our team has up to date certifications and experience working with VMware environments.

Partner with our team of experts to integrate a virtualized environment with VMware software with your IT infrastructure!

Set up a consultation about how VMware can benefit your business!

Reach out to our team today to get started with VMware consulting. Check out our FAQ page for further information about ITSolutions|Currie.

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